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wooden bike parts

A sweet ride for town

I customized this bike for town, since my old one broke down. Cheap parts are no good for something that needs to be reliable, so I only used heavy (and shiny!) steel parts. Only an easy-to-mantain front break, no further wires please. There is a SRAM Automatix (back pedalling break) hub built into the back wheel, but without the sticker hardly anybody will notice my 2 gears. Perfect for town, trust me.

The wooden parts were custom made at the DINGFABRIK Cologe. Plain wood plus epoxy. If you are using enough sawdust/epoxy between the two layers of the mudguards, they turn out to be extremely firm and durable. Much better than all this plastic stuff you can buy. But to be honest, I killed the handlebar when I tested it on some concrete stairs. Luckily I expected it to break and break it did. So kids, no wide handlebars made from wood if you wand to go trial biking ;)