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Here’s a few solar thermal power plant impression I was lucky enough to gather so far. Of course, the really interesting stuff – I can’t show here ;)

fibonacci solar field

© 2011 v.n.. All rights reserved.

I can only say ‘believe it – or not’… I was assuming the positive effect of a spiral fibonacci array as a basis for a heliostat field layout already in 2009. Having read one intriguing sentence on Wikipedia, about how the irrational ratio of the golden angle would lead to an optimized ‘leave-growing algorithm’, that ensured minimal self shading of a plant. Well, if this could be natures efficient way against shading and blocking, it should certainly be helpful for arranging heliostats in a field. Turns out: it is! Unfortunately (for me at least), no-one seemed to be interested in this (in 2009), until other people discovered and proved the … Continue reading