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Some time ago I needed a new chainwheel for my bike. So, why not make one myself? And style it, so it fits to the disk brake disks? Yepp, easy task. Simply CAD it and send it over to your local waterjet-mailorder. By today I have two of these knives on my bike.

© 2012 v.n.. All rights reserved.

lazer paddle

Some time ago, we had a laser cutter on a visit at the DINGFABRIK. What a sweet tool! (luckily, we’ll soon have our own Lazzer at the D!F) That time around I built my first single blade paddle. Thanks to the laser, I was able to create a nice pattern, which is based on the fibonacchi numbers. That’s why the look is somewhat balanced and has this ‘natural aesthetic’ to it. The paddle was my first shot though, and I have a few ideas in my head how to make the next one much better. Still, it has quite some force when you use it on the water. Not bad … Continue reading