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  • Born & raised in Bremen, Germany
  • Lived in Bremen (Germany), the Cayman Islands, Cape Town (South Africa), Aachen (Germany), Cologne (Germany)
  • Did voluntary work for YFU (Youth For Understanding), AFS (American Field Service), Dingfabrik Köln e.V.
  • Worked at Sprint (bike messenger), Ludwig Feinmechanik (Bremen), Bikes for Fun (Vaals), IKV (Institut für Kunststoff-verarbeitung, RWTH), ITA (Institut für Textiltechnik, RWTH), SIJ (Solar Institut Jülich)
  • Studied mechanical engineering, RWTH-/FH-Aachen, turned out to become a Dipl.-Ing.
  • Professionally worked at Solar Institute Jülich
  • Professionally worked at Solar Millennium (solar tower R&D)
  • Professionally worked for sachs-engineering, just around the corner from lake constance
  • Professionally worked for HAZET, Remscheid, learning all about manufacturing
  • Professionally worked on a project called supeFIT – 3D-scan your foot with your cell phone, select from a great choice of materials and we’ll send you custom leather sneakers.
  • Professionally worked at Wild Design (GE), learning about product design, usability and medical device requirements.
  • Actually, done a lot more than just that. Had a lot of fun and met many, many great people while getting to where I am today.